A.C.C.M. – Aids Community Care
Supportive care and attention – Support – Reference – Day Centre – Bilingual services -Prevention.

Prevention – Syringe exchange service – Sex work – Meeting place; social involvement for injecting and inhaling drug users – Support services and group meetings for the trans population – Social Circus – Peer helpers.

Canada’s source for HIV and hepatitis C information.

Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction  
Aims to reduce alcohol and drug-related harm.

Centre for AIDS services of Montréal (women)
Education, prevention, projects for women.

Grouping of different community actors for the fight against AIDS.

Prevention, awareness raising &information on HIV, HCV and other STBIs, distribution centre of sterile equipment, street work, and monthly medical clinic.

Fondation d’aide directe sida Montréal (Montréal Direct Help AIDS Foundation) 
Food bank – Hygiene product supply – Offers help with housing-related bills – Budget consultation services.

G.A.P.-V.I.E.S. – (Action group for preventing HIV transmission & the eradication of AIDS)
Haitian community: prevention, support services & social support, telephone crisis line.

GEIPSI – Self-help group for HIV-positive and homeless people 
Support for drug addicts and homeless people living with HIV-AIDS.

Equipping young people against hypersexualization and early sexualization.

Information on prevention, mostly on condoms.

Dissemination of reliable, up-to-date and educational information regarding sexual health.

Information on drugs and their effects (Quebec Health and Social Services).

HIV Portal 
Resource intended to facilitate the partnership of the different Québec HIV organizations.

Relais Méthadone 
Offers treatment programs for low-threshold opioid addiction; primarily addresses treatment and support needs for people who are addicted to opioids and are living on the margins of social and health services.

Rezo – Santé et mieux être des hommes gais et bisexuels (Health and wellness services for gay and bisexual men)
Primary and secondary prevention – Education – Intervention with target groups.

Quebec Health and Social Services
Health issues – STD / HIV-AIDS / Hepatitis C.

Spectre de rue 
Homelessness and addiction – Support and prevention – Awareness and education.

Offers support and information to sex workers so that they can work and live in safety and with dignity. Helps counter violence and the different factors that put sex workers at risk of contracting HIV and STIs.

Initiative of the Maison Jean Lapointe – Pavillons du Nouveau Point de Vue Group, in collaboration with Direction des Programmes de formation en toxicomanie of the Université de Sherbrooke. Self-evaluation questionnaires for different addictions, discussion forums, and virtual library.