20151217-014824Our mission
Promote safe behaviours and egalitarian relationships as well as prevent the transmission of sexually transmitted and blood-borne infections (STBI) by an outreach humanist approach.

Philosophy of Intervention
Our action is based on a humanistic approach, active listening, and respect of personal pace. Our approach aims at the diminution of harm associated with risky behaviours.

In addition to preventing the transmission of sexually transmitted and blood-borne infections (STBI) in populations at risk, L’Anonyme:

– works in the environment of the young and other people engaging in risky behaviours;

– promotes their global health;
– develops a collaboration with different health, social and community networks in order to guide individuals that feel ready in their management process;
– offers a place where professional training is available for students and interns from colleges and universities.

– Outreach intervention on a mobile intervention unit, four evenings and five nights a week, in 11 Montréal neighbourhoods.
– A sex education program rolled out in 60 schools, communities and institutions.
– A communication / creativity program: Radio Anonyme, live in the street! on CIBL.

Click here to see our 2020-21 Activities Report: 2020-21 L’Anonyme Annual Report