Educational Activities

Do you want to talk about safe sexual behaviours among young people? Maybe you want to demystify with them certain beliefs relating to STBI and their screening? These educational and interactive activities are designed to help you! Questionnaires, presentations and games are available.

You can also find the complete video capsules “Didier and sex”, specially created to discuss safe and unsafe sexual behaviours. The video capsules have been created following the meetings of discussion groups of several partner organizations, and feature Didier and his gang living different scenarios that have been created by young people.

Safe Sexual Behaviours

Discover the video capsules named “Didier and sex” as well as a questionnaire and animated activities that will help you to self-assess your knowledge of safe sexual behaviours!

Sex in All Its Forms: Sex in All Its Forms

Think about the contexts and situations that can be associated with sexual risk-taking. In your case, is it while travelling? When you drink or use drugs? Or maybe when you are in a public place?

At Risk or Not?

Do you know what the unsafe sexual practices are? Would you be able to identify them in the three video capsules with Didier and his gang?


Test your knowledge of unsafe sexual behaviours. Will you be able to determine the safest alternative?

The condom

With an illustrated and practical activity, review the steps to put on a condom. Are you familiar with the different types of condoms? Do you prefer when they offer performance or when they are sensitive or maybe when they have a real feel?

Sexually Transmitted and Blood-Borne Infections

Find information about the different STBIs and screening, as well as a questionnaire to refresh your knowledge and demystify false beliefs.

Screening Process

From the initial appointment to the case management, revisit the process behind STBI screening.

Motivations and Obstacles Related to Screening

Based on the capsules, discuss the motivations and obstacles related to screening. What are your expectations and fears? What factors are likely to push you to take a screening test?

Introduction to STBIs

What are the symptoms of STBIs? What about their modes of transmission? Do they have a treatment? Use the proposed tools to refresh your knowledge and pass on the information to your group.

True or False

Myth or reality? How to get through the maze? Demystify certain beliefs by playing a trivia game.