The initial approach used by L’Anonyme to reach out to populations was through outreach intervention with a mobile unit. Still today, it allows us to move around and get near living environments, in strategic stops, in order to reach at risk populations. In line with L’Anonyme’s core philosophy, the Outreach intervention program at L’Anonyme is fueled by harm reduction, a humanist approach centered on individual needs and realities in a non-judgmental and pragmatic perspective. That privileged contact is often a lever for intervention as it represents an occasion to build trust with people using our services and to talk about safe sexual practices or drug use.


☎ 1-855-236-6700

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Our team initiate contact with the people they meet through psychosocial support as well as distribution and exchange of protective equipment, among other things, in order to prevent the transmission of sexually transmitted and blood-borne infections (STBIs).

By night – The bus is mostly in central neighbourhoods of the city such as Downtown, Centre-Sud, the Village and Hochelaga-Maisonneuve. People we are working with often face multifaceted challenges like drug addiction, homelessness, unnecessary litigation, violence, and mental or physical health issues. At night, people can also reach the team using the toll-free hotline to move on demand to outlying neighbourhoods.

During the evening – Four evenings a week, the bus visits more outlying districts. We can also count on the regular presence of nurses on the bus in order to provide screening and basic care services. The team meets a younger population, exchanging on sexuality, contraception, school dropouts, street gangs, romantic relationships, racial and social profiling.

Mobile supervised injection service (SIS)

☎ 1-844-381-2455
Every night from 11 PM to 5 AM

L’Anonyme patrols Montreal’s streets in a mobile unit entirely dedicated to prevent overdoses and intervene in case of complications related to injection. The team welcomes people who inject their own drug in a legal and safe space. More information at Santé Montréal.

Get informed or communicate info in relation to overdoses