Prevent overdoses

  • Avoid using alone or simultaneously if you’re with other people
  • Carry naloxone (Narcan) or identify who has some and knows how to administrate it
  • Visit the safe injection services (SIS) of Dopamine, CACTUS Montréal, Spectre de rue or L’Anonyme
  • Test substances with the fentanyl checking kits
  • Decrease your dose or try an alternate route of administration to injection to evaluate its effects
  • Avoid mixing drugs and if you do so, get to know the risks
  • In case of overdose, call 911! The Good samaritan Act offers some protection

Our mobile units give naloxone (Narcan) and fentanyl testing kits for free. Come see us! 🚐🚌

Stay safe 💙


Communicate info related to overdoses

➕ Have you experienced or witnessed an overdose?

➕ Did you administer or receive naloxone?

➕ Did you use fentanyl testing strips?

Helps us gain a clearer portrait to prevent overdoses in Montreal! Click on the links above to communicate related information to the Montreal Public Heath. The team is also present to discuss with you, refill your kits and collect information if you want to share it anonymously. Come see us in the bus or the mobile SIS!


Administer naloxone

How can you identify signs of opiates overdoses or administer naloxone? The Institut national de santé publique du Québec (INSPQ) prepared these videos to answer your questions!

Administration via injection

Administration via nasal spray


More information on overdoses on the website of Santé Montréal.